Ranking Girls by Appearance
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  • Juliet Mirira
    Juliet Mirira

    i spent 4 minutes 42 seconds of him talkin...WORTH ITTT!!

  • Will Kulik
    Will Kulik

    That black girl was gorgeous wtf

  • Tsukishima the lesbian
    Tsukishima the lesbian

    I don't know as a gay girl I found Jorden very attractive. but just because she was bigger everyone put her lower.

  • Бөртэ үжин О
    Бөртэ үжин О

    pewds got sponsered. what is this? is he allowed to get paid? idk. prolly not.

  • SilverSheath

    13:24. Was that passive aggression I heard or were you being genuine?

  • Ryza Medina
    Ryza Medina

    not to be mean but the black girl shoudlve been atleast 2nd becuase of APPEARENCE.

  • Rotem Milo
    Rotem Milo

    4:15 thank me later

  • a r e n d a r y
    a r e n d a r y

    pewds doesnt even rePly to his fans

  • whet?

    10:11 That face when he switched the asian girl for the white haired girl lmao

  • Amy Rusu
    Amy Rusu

    Ok so my top would be 1.Maria 2.the chubby girl 3.The asian girl 4.the black girl 5.the blonde girl (Based JUST ON LOOKS)

  • the king wolf TV
    the king wolf TV

    Pewdiepie you so funyy

  • kerajen hindman
    kerajen hindman

    as a fellow female, their first ranking was so bad. i personally would but blonde girl last just because i dont like her demeanor, then id say the black girl, asian, chubby, and the leather jacket chick

  • ShawnyMorgz

    This one was was a good one to watch haha

  • Becca

    My ranking of them, objectively would be: 1 and 2 same 5 become 3 3 become 4 4 become 5 But of course, they’re ALL beautiful.

  • Omar Salih
    Omar Salih

    The devilish ornament shortly wonder because cost reassuringly separate concerning a statuesque cycle. berserk, round tuba

  • Iljk

    I think asian girls are very very welcome to most of the boys

  • Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo
    Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo

    The black girl just doesn't have a pretty face, but she pulls the race card anyways

  • ANPC 5493
    ANPC 5493

    The obnoxious blond should be 5. The big girl is better than her. The blond was so annoying.

  • ANPC 5493
    ANPC 5493

    Not gonna lie, the big girl seems like she'd be the most fun, and her weight distribution is in all the right places, if you know what i mean.

  • Unique Gaming
    Unique Gaming

    Felix: Got a letter in the post hm what is this. me: yes

  • Maxwell Russell
    Maxwell Russell

    The electric consonant lovely crack because chain legally suit at a courageous jeep. hallowed, festive pen

  • Succ co The Family of Juice
    Succ co The Family of Juice

    Video starts at 4:16

  • Shannon Dulaney
    Shannon Dulaney

    AHAHA when the guys came in and rearranged, that was exactly what I expected lmao

  • Shannon Dulaney
    Shannon Dulaney

    I related very much to Jordan

  • Munch Munch
    Munch Munch

    That blond haired girl looks like Loki 🤔

  • AndyHasFeet

    beauty is in, the eye, of, the BEER HOLDER - hurrr. thanks folks be sure to tip your waitress. who's a 3.

  • sebastian jitaru
    sebastian jitaru

    i would agree with pewds ranking

  • Rick King
    Rick King

    My ranking is the same as pewdiepies. Asian girl is obviously the most attractive.

  • Amery Pfaff
    Amery Pfaff

    (I’m not trying to be rude or hate on anyone at all) I feel like they made the most prettiest girl go to the last place because they were jealous of the way she looks. They put her last because they wanted to seem as if they are more confident. So they put her last because they KNEW she was pretty and beautiful.. 🥺🥰

  • Xeno Android
    Xeno Android

    You can tell Pewds is trying to tell his opinion and not get cancelled and the same time

  • Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan

    "This is all wrong " 😂😂😂

  • youtubename

    Girls are weird about what other girls they think are attractive. Every girl I've ever dated has had some friend who they thought was drop dead gorgeous, while I just didn't get the appeal and thought they were a 5, maybe.

  • Green man
    Green man

    the Asian would be a 1

  • Why Me
    Why Me

    I think they should do it by looks then personality then a combination then the same for the men.

  • K

    I don't think these girls read the title.

  • Naweed

    Sponsor ship

  • Easygoin

    13:19 Pewds spreading the truth

  • No offence, but
    No offence, but

    Everything was right on the guys one except blonde girl should’ve been 2nd last - a girl

  • BigSur-Tricks&Tutorials

    pewds putting spooky song me dying inside

  • Mogede [GD]
    Mogede [GD]

    The japanese one... best

  • zein husna
    zein husna

    Bagus banget.

  • Natalie Glass
    Natalie Glass

    at 8:55 I would agree with that if the chart was turned around lmao

  • Ice Kold Killa
    Ice Kold Killa

    I thought Maria was the hottest until she spoke and said she felt the hottest usually in a room. Ego. -100 points lol. Asian girl is easily the hottest. I just have a thing for Latinas but fuck that shit. She's about to be all entitled and shit.

  • TurtleToots

    1)Michelle - super cute and nice 2)Kaylinn - best body 3)Jordan - personality and face, could lose chub 4)Maria - kind of bland, basic 5)Annie - RBF, unflattering outfit and hair

  • ninthreeking 24
    ninthreeking 24

    Fooly cooly has such a good sound track

  • Jinja

    It goes 1 Asian girl 2 Black girl 3 brunette 4 blonde 5 the uuhhh... well the big one I feel like the brunette and black girl are close but the brunette is basically just an average girl with a lot of makeup and I think the blonde has a kind of annoying personality but that is just me. But since we are basing this off of attractiveness I think the blonde is much more actractive than the fat one. Do not say “ omg you can’t call her fat “ because she is.

  • Chieh

    The girls put the best one last because like pewdiepie said. girls are competitive. You can clearly see that by the face of that blonde girl. She was rlly offended even getting on the 2nd place. (I pretty disliked her). The chubby one got last in the end because no guy rlly likes chubby. Which is kinda sad. Overall this whole thing is just fun but also kinda..mean?

  • Jinja

    Me: looks at jubilee’s channel Also me: Doesn’t watch the vid just in case pewds reacts to it

  • Cucber

    fat girl go last

  • Lord Have Mercy
    Lord Have Mercy

    1. Jordan 2. Maria 3. Michelle 4. Kaylynn 5. Annie

    • Eitan Gol
      Eitan Gol

      What are you on?

  • Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia
    Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia

    We need a cartman here to make new couples

  • Abigail Alvarado
    Abigail Alvarado

    I also don’t understand why they put her last, from a female point of view she was the most attractive

  • _drinkwaterwithjane_

    I can’t speak for all women but for the ones around me we argue about who the most ugly is because we think everyone else is better 😂

  • Basically Raven
    Basically Raven

    I paused when pews paused lmao Btw : if I was one of the girls I would go to 5 quicker than flash and I wouldn’t even be offended :)

  • Putinsbodyguard Bylat
    Putinsbodyguard Bylat

    I dont understand why number 4 brought in race, race had nothing to do with it shes just ugly

  • Alex Woodman
    Alex Woodman

    Ehhh the black girl really just made excuses for why she didn't get ranked higher.

  • makhluk mars
    makhluk mars

    I have a very bad feeling

  • Ellie Woods
    Ellie Woods

    kaylynn's gorgeous, she'd be third/second in my rating

  • Jonah Mcgarry
    Jonah Mcgarry

    How did that guy think he was judging the girls on personality, they didnt speak. The video is rating girls on ATTRACTIVENESS

  • IK

    The headphones definitely made Michelle and Maria look way cuter

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez

    Imagine Felix and Pewdiepie in a room with other youtubers and they have to rank each other to see who's the best youtuber.

  • Henry Ford
    Henry Ford

    every one of those girls is a hard pass

  • Lexie Sontag
    Lexie Sontag

    When jordan said the "she's so sweet, she's so funny *but I wouldn't date her* " I felt that

    • Hey Bye
      Hey Bye

      Happens to most of us bro.

  • Usman Aslam
    Usman Aslam

    6:40 when they finished ranking the first time they had it exactly the reverse of what the guys ranked in the end. So if they did actually think it was 1 - 5 they would have been right.

  • Abbosbek Khudayberganov
    Abbosbek Khudayberganov

    I 100% agree with Felix's ranking

  • Ahnaf Tazwar Unmesh
    Ahnaf Tazwar Unmesh

    It was so satisfying to see the asian girl from a 5 to 1 lmaooo

  • Zoe Ward
    Zoe Ward

    As an overweight woman. Some men are so mean.

    • Hey Bye
      Hey Bye

      @Zoe Ward In that case I think some in an understatement. There are assholes everywhere,both male and female.

    • Zoe Ward
      Zoe Ward

      @Hey Bye just in general life

    • Hey Bye
      Hey Bye

      But they weren't mean at all...? Unless you mean in the comments.

  • Joseph perez
    Joseph perez

    Dress girl 5 blonde 4 black girl 2 Asian 3 and the baddie in the windbreaker 1

  • goji

    I agree _mostly_ with the guys' rating of the girls: 1. Michelle 2. Maria 3. Kaylynn 4. Jordan 5. Annie

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer


  • Arnold Enyinna
    Arnold Enyinna

    "But not in person"😂. I love PewDiePie's honesty.

  • the show
    the show

    "so like an impartial group of women comes in and rapes them" @ 12:38 oof that auto-subtitle

    • Kill it with fire
      Kill it with fire

      At least it didn't say men.

  • Matthew Richardson
    Matthew Richardson

    None of these girls are not my type.

  • L'explorateur de l'espace commentaire
    L'explorateur de l'espace commentaire

    Same rating as pewds and the guys

  • Doc. FunkBlack
    Doc. FunkBlack

    Im not into chubby girls, but that girl hides a beautiful face.

  • walker Zven
    walker Zven

    Mostly by personality, put that fat personality in the back.

  • Noble Cyborg-Savage
    Noble Cyborg-Savage

    i would of done asian black spanish white fat

  • Borisskyman

    How to be mean simulator 2020

  • ChildOrphanBoy

    I feel like he was forced to make this video

  • jordan cross
    jordan cross

    13:27 I cracked 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Merlijn Slewe
    Merlijn Slewe

    Michelle is by farr the cutest person ever

  • Clarence Rosel
    Clarence Rosel

    all personality aside i think either the asian girl or the “bigger” girl is the prettiest (sorry idk their names). like felix and the guys put the bigger girl last but she has one of the prettiest faces. my first reaction was similar to the guys rating, but that’s bc i immediately went to society’s beauty standards, like based on race, body type, what you wear, etc. but when you actually look at their faces, the order really changes, but thats just my opinion

  • cool man PEREZ
    cool man PEREZ

    The girls ranked them how I would’ve just backwards

  • SAKE_Beandip

    You can admit to being the most attractive and not look like an arse but saying your personality is very attractive is cunty

  • lulu

    this video is disgusting you should be ashamed

  • Bri Solo
    Bri Solo

    That blonde girl was HURT.

  • The Great Nofi
    The Great Nofi

    lmao Michelle deserved that 1. spot

  • Hi My Name Is God.
    Hi My Name Is God.

    I think the chubby girl should've stayed at 2 because come on she looks so nice n wifey material. Idk that's just me.

  • Octo Papy
    Octo Papy

    I think jordan is beautiful

  • lalla12123

    I'm a big pewdiepie simp but that moustache... No.

  • Jim ?
    Jim ?

    Girl logic : fat or ugly = bEsT PeRsOnAlItY

  • Bees Knees
    Bees Knees

    pewds looks like gunther

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    Pewds: “there are certain girls a girl likes” Me, a bisexual:

  • Lewdatrix


  • Phuoc Ha
    Phuoc Ha

    Personal times stamps 14:02 14:24 13:19 4:54

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi


  • KeelanMcAleer

    i don’t like the blond one

  • Ian Snyder
    Ian Snyder

    6:17 - The girls she finds most attractive. 6:22 - PewDiePie does not agree.

  • Aubrey Pittman
    Aubrey Pittman

    i think they are all gorgeous but the one in the dress and the one in the the white shirt are absolutely gorgeous

  • beowyrt

    if i were there, they'd place me in 100

  • Guss De Blod
    Guss De Blod

    Displate sponsor just before there was a drama about them not being fair to artists, refusing to remove stolen content and such. aouch.